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Unthink what you thought about tea!

If you are a tea lover and want each sip of your chai to enthuse
you with the goodness of its leaf – don't miss this!

Tea of The Month
Special Price! 'Tropical Delight’

The lovely tropical flavours of pineapple and rose, with a fresh white tea base, sure make this tea a 'novel-tea'!

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Another Benefit of Drinking Tea!

One of the best ways to earn your Tea Rewards points is simply to keep drinking tea! You can start earning points with your very first order.

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Tea of The Month
Special Price! 'Tropical Delight’

Healthy on-the-go SNACKS delivered right to your desk every week! Subscribe now to make your teatime a premium treat!


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Wellness Tea thought about tea!

Sandi + Vata meaning Joints + Vata. Ayurved believes all pains are due to imablanced vata and sandhivata means pain in joints. "Joint Cheer" is a perfect blend of herbs traditionally combined to remove inflammation.

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Glass Teapot with Infuser

Make tea-for-one a festive experience with our gorgeous new durable Glass Teapots (470 ml) !

Free Sample and Tea Filters

with every online order of any value. Each tea sample, will help you discover new teas everytime you place an order with us and paper tea filter will be perfect for creating tea bags from loose leaf teas.

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